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Have Our Lives Become Open Books?

With the sudden spike and interest in social networking and bookmarking, many young enterpreneurs have found success. Im not talking a few thousands here and there but i'm talking millions and even billions of dollars of fine liquid success.

The problem here is are our lives becoming too open for us to handle? I mean with social networking, you usually create your profile. Here you include:
  • your relationship status
  • your interests
  • your goals
  • your status(usually what you are doing at a particular time)
  • your friends
  • your email address
  • your places of Education
As you can see you add a lot of your own information onto the Internet. With this someone can know you without actually knowing you. This can be good if you want to promote yourself e.g as an artist or whatever, but this can also be very dangerous.
 There is a possibility of stalkers. Really think about it. They will know where to find you every waking moment of every day. They will know what restaurants you go to, what hotels, where you work, so much information at their disposal and if they are violent, that is definitely not a plus for you.
Then comes theft and kidnapping. Criminals would know when you are not home and plan when to find themselves at your doorstep. I personally know of a few cases where people have put up statuses like, 'I'm at home" or "bored at home" and have gotten murdered. It's shocking but true.
Another problem is sexual predators, we all know the story. They prey on young children through the same social networking sites that have grown so popular. All they have to do is set up a fake profile, post fake pics and info and there in. They even go as far as to woo the victim, by promising them a lot of things. The children mistake this for love and thats it, the predator is in.
With Social Bookmarking, you tell people all your interest, sometimes even the ones you are not comfortable talking about. Think about it, what if i bookmark something about a certain type of plastic surgery. Imay be comfortable with it but it my followers might frown upon it and most likely give some bad comments that might actually be hurtful. That's life.
If anyone was serious and ha some twisted obsession with finding info about people, all they would have to do is pick a random name off the internet and they would be able to write a whole novel just about a person they don't even know. It's quite scary. Our lives are on computers nowadays and all it takes is a simple delete botton to completely erase someones entire life. It would be like they never even existed.

Anyone remember that movie where the same happened, it's just slipped my mind, but if you remember please post it.

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