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Should Osama Bin Laden Have Been Killed So Soon

Okay I am definately not a fan of the guy, but I personally think he shouldn't have been killed so soon. Let me explain.......

First of all this is a very evil man in my opinion, i definately put him somewhere with hitler and atilla the hun. He is that evil. I also believe that he should have been killed for his crimes just not that soon, not immediately they found him. What they should have done instead is put him on trial in front of the whole world, found him guilty then execute him.
I mean, I thought it was every human beings right to be given a fair triail before any judgement is passed, no matter how evil the person may be. If we don't follow these rights we are just as much of animals as he was.
They could have till buried his body body in the middle of the ocean, no problem. I personally wanted to watch the execution and see the look in this guys face when he faced the hundreds of millions of americans before he died.

Question: What do you think?
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