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Is School Really a Guarantee Of Success?

I've just had one of the toughests, most disappointing exams of my life and studying day in and day out has really gotten my stressed. This has had me thinking. Is School really a guarantee of success?

Over the years since we have been practically bred to believe that if you do not succeed in school, they are destined to be a failure in life. Honestly, i don't know why parents and other adult figures in our lives as we grow up try to program us to believe this 100%. There is more than one way to succeed. What if i want to be a musician or an actor? Why do people frown upon these dreams. I mean i can think of  a lot of people who have actually made it after dropping out of school
- Bill Gates ( Microsoft Giant)
- Lawrence Ellison (Oracle, developed database for the CIA)
-Mukesh Ambani (Indian Filthy Rich Guy)
-Mark Zuckerburg (If you havent seen the movie or are totally oblivious to the world around you, the founder of facebook)
-Steve Jobs ( Good Old Apple)
If all these people stayed in school, they would have missed there opportunities and never achieved success.

I would really appreciate comments or your view on the matter. Thanks.................
Author: Curious Student

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