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How many times will the world end? Because I'm tired...

Frankly, im getting a bit tired of these "prophesies". i mean how many times will the world really end.
Over and over again people "predict" the dates of the end of the world at it never happens.
Personally i believe some of these people just do this to gain some form of profit. This is typically how it goes.

- Person predicts date
- Gains huge following
- Donations made.
- Prediction failed
- Donations still kept.
To sum it all up. Huge profits for doing almost nothing.
Thats not to say, some predictions are not made with good intentions. Where the person genuinely believes that his prediction is right and is personally not into it for the profit.
The most recent failure being the may 2011
and the all so famous Mayan 2012( They even made a movie about it)

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