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What makes a Blog Popular?

 What makes a Blog Popular?
This is the age old question often asked by blogging first-timers. Of course if you are celebrity or public figure. This would not be such a problem. All you do is slap your name onto your page and it will almost instantly get traffic. This is because of a large percentage of the worlds obesession with celebrity.

But what if you are an average Jack or Jill trying to get your way up the blogging hill. Forgive my attempt at humour. What can an average person do to make their blog popular?
This can be difficult, but after some research i came up with some of the following information.

1. It's like Physics. You cannot create or destroy energy, it can only be converted from one form to another. Translation in this situation. You cannot expect people to look at your blog, if you do not look at theirs. Join blogging groups, guest blog and comment. Most blogs will allow you to leave your blog links on their page. This way there is a very high chance of some of their readers will become your reader.
2. Make your blog reasonably attractive, but not too distracting. I personally hate blogs that are so flashy that you can't even tell what you are doing.
3. Blog often. Keep your blog updated. This will help you keep readers and eventually those readers will spread the word about you to people with similar interests, which equals.... you guessed it. MORE TRAFFIC.

Really there is much more i can write, but i would love to hear back from you. What do you think an average person can do to get a popular blog. Feel free to leave links to your blogs or whatever. Can't wait to hear from you.

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