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How to Lose Pounds or At Least Keep Fit While Blogging

Sorry for the Random Picture of the Barcelona FC soccer team. It's just that they have just won the UEFA Champions League making them the European Champions. I just have to give them some respect on this blog. This is the world greatest football/soccer club.
Now down to business.....

How do you lose pounds while blogging?
Let's face it, when you blog you hardly do any excess. This makes it easy for that extra cheese burger you had for lunch to go straight to your thighs and ass. You just have to admit, all you do while blogging is just sit around hammering at a keyboard.

I personally have a few snacks by the side, I know i'm a hypocrite but it's while doing this that i realised i might be gaining weight and i was becoming furiously unfit, and I'VE ONLY BEEN BLOGGING FOR A MONTH NOW. I also noticed that i spent longer hours when i had a writers block. For all those who don't know what this means (like me 5 hours ago). It means you have reached a point where you have nothing to write i.e. you have reached a complete dead end in your thought process. The following below are ways you can do some exercises that you can do.

a) At least every 15-25 minutes of blogging stand up, walk around the room and think about what to write next, if you are missing anything or whatever.
b) Do jumping jacks every 30 minutes
c) Do some sit ups, at least 20 or 10 if u are a lazy bastard, like me. Before and after a blogging session.
d) Do some pushups, before and after a blogging session.
e) Stretch a bit, at least to keep your body flexible. Because you sit there for potentially hours.

These exercises help circulate blood around the body especially the brain. This can help you in your thought process and help you write more effective blogs. I've started this program myself and surprisingly my girfriend says she's starting to see the difference. i finally got a 2 pack and the chest line is starting to show. Im getting buff........... :)


  1. This is quite true and funny. But this a good article. Hope you get a six for your girlfriend

  2. Yeah thats true hope you do get a six pack and a chest for her, lol