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My Weight Loss Journey

For a long time, I had been considered overweight, even as a boy growing up, I was constantly haunted by my weight. I was teased, called names and my confidence was at an all time low and the media didn’t make it any easier. It made me feel ugly, inadequate and insignificant.

I found it very hard to interact with my peers and socialize with others around me. So I decided to just shut myself from the rest of the world. I stopped talking in class and never participated. This followed me into my high school years and as a consequence I had very few, if not any friends. I was like a ghost in the classroom. I was just another statistic.

My grades weren’t bad though. I usually got A’s where I could and B’s sometimes, but not often. Usually during parent-teacher conferences, I was told that I would probably be a genius if I participated more in class and asked questions. I don’t know whether they were just trying to get me to get more involved or there were telling the truth. I will never know.

Sports were definitely my enemy. I was never a bad student but when it came to sport. My gym teacher and I were sworn enemies. I even found myself in the principal’s office on more than one occasion for everything from refusing to climb the rope to poorly forging a doctor’s note. I don’t know what I was thinking.

While most of the people who I went to school with attended parties and went on dates, I remained home eating and playing video games with absolutely no form of exercise. I knew I was making poor decisions but I couldn’t help myself. I was unhappy and though other people resort to drugs and alcohol, I chose food as my outlet. This didn’t help me at all.

By the time I graduated, I had decided that enough was enough. I searched the internet for ways I could lose weight and found enough resources on the subject. I found that my main problem was hunger and challenged myself to lose a certain amount of weight in 3 months but this wasn’t easy. For a month, I exercised every day, used weight loss patches and fat burning diet pills and soon I was starting to see results. Even my mother was surprised when I told her how much I had lost in such a short period of time. I continued this program and was soon down to the ideal weight for my height.

I am glad to say now, six years later, I have never felt better. My social life has improved drastically and I am more confident.


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