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Maqui is the new Acai

When the Açaí berry was first introduced on the market it took the health and weight-loss industry by storm. Never before had anyone seen such rich nutritional properties available in one healthy fruit. Açaí berries contain an enormous concentration of essential nutrients, antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9, protein and fibre. Many touted the açaí berry as an ‘all in one’ health supplement, using it as a wellbeing, anti-ageing and weight-loss wonder berry.

Açaí berries however are about to be pushed aside by it’s bigger brother – the MAQUI berry. Pronounced ‘mah-key or makkie’ this recently discovered berry has many, many more antioxidants (4 times!) than the açaí berry. However, whilst it contains some vitamins and minerals it doesn’t quite have the widespread nutritional profile of açaí. That said, it’s the antioxidants levels contained in the maqui berry where it really shines. Antioxidants help to protect human cells against external damage, which means they may help slow down the ageing process and protect against infections and diseases. It’s also said that the maqui berry helps with weight-loss due to its antioxidant score.

Maqui berries, unlike açaí berries, are grown on small bushes instead of palm trees in the Patagonian region of Chile. The bushes represent a large blueberry bush, with the fruit being quite similar but darker and shinier. Since maqui berries are a rare fruit they can be quite hard to come by in the UK and USA, due to high importation and harvesting costs. Therefore, a bottle of maqui berry fruit capsules often costs in the region of £30-40. Any maqui berry much cheaper than this is likely to be an inferior extract or has been mixed with filler ingredients for a lower quality maqui berry.

Maqui berry supplements are a great way to easily increase your antioxidant intake on a daily basis. To get the same antioxidant benefits from another supplement you’d need to take up to ten times the dosage! Because the maqui berry is simply a pure fruit berry, it’s also suitable for most people without any dangerous side effects. We recommend buying the Maqui Superfood Berry from Evolution Slimming for the best priced Maqui berry. Their maqui berry is guaranteed 100% pure, which means it is a full fruit powder capsule without any filler ingredients, so you know you’re getting the best quality maqui berry available on the market.

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