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A World Without Computers

For most of you reading this, computers have some how become a dependable part of your lives, to have a day go by without using a computer would seem un-natural.

Almost 75% of your social lives wouldn't even exists without the almighty silicon chip.
It takes a shiver down my spine just imagining the current world with computers,
I mean really just think about it.......

1)no online communites
2)no emails,( waiting a whole week to get a message & spending money on postage stamps  )

3)having to look through millions of books just to get the information you need,.
4) Your current music collection...will take up a room in your house
5) Bill Gates might be somebody's Pool boy.
6) My current math skills would suck a whole lot more
7) We would still be stuck in the 100% board game era, where that would be the only thing you can do for fun that won't get you tired. (Call of Duty Fans Unite!!!)

Please Comment on what you think the world would be like

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