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Will The Iphone 5 live up to the Hype

Alright, since 2007 Apple has flooded the market with different versions of this smartphone, every year there's something new. Apparently they changed the game for all smartphone Manufacturers.

2007 Original Iphone (Iphone 2G)
2008 Iphone 3G (first supporting 3G) 
2009 Iphone 3GS (S for speed)
2010 Iphone 4 (retina display, yada yada....I don't need to get into this)
and Now for 2011
                           **The Iphone 5** (or Iphone 4S, whatever Steve thinks Up)

This device has had so much hype attatched to it that it's surprising. The internet is filled with rumoured images of what this smartphone might look like and features it might have. Some of the rumoured features are:
  • 4G Support
  • New 8 Mega Pixel Camera Powered By A Sony Sensor
  • Redesigned Retina Display Screen with 3:4 ratio of The Ipad.
  • Curved Glass Cover Liked Ipod Nano and Nexus S
  • A slide feature
  • 3D Capabilities(Watch Avatar again anyone)
Anywayz, we just have to wait and see.

PS: Have you noticed that it is a bit funny when for example, you get an iphone for christmas and five months later, it becomes obsolete. Hahaha, personally I feel a bit disappointed.

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