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Weight Loss Success Story: Bill Murdoch

Name: Bill Murdoch
Age: 51
London UK

A chartered London accountant and dedicated member to his local Territorial Army marching band since the 70’s, Bill Murdoch had always led an active lifestyle until he developed rheumatoid arthritis in 2007.

Unable to cope with the joint stress of marching with the band or exercising at the gym, Bill turned to food as a means of comfort and over the space of a couple of years put on weight.

Yet the reality of his weight gain only truly hit home for Bill when he was forced to buy 2 new dinner suits within just a few short months of each other. Shocked to discover that he was now 18 stone – over 3 stone heavier than his ideal weight - Bill knew that he needed to retake control of his weight loss before it impacted on his health any further.

“We’d been invited to a dinner party and when I tried on my old dinner suit it was far too small for me. I had to go out and buy a larger one. When a few months later we were invited to another dinner party and I was forced to buy an even larger dinner suit I decided things had to change for good. I weighed 18 stone and my confidence was at an all time low.”

Determined to not let the effects rheumatoid arthritis was having on his health and life become a dominating factor, Bill began researching into the weight loss benefits of slimming products and came across Proactol PLUS website.

Impressed by its 100% natural, organic ingredient base, promising case studies and its natural ability to reduce your dietary fat intake by up to 28%, Bill knew Proactol PLUS was the right route for him.

I’d read some really compelling product testimonials and liked that Proactol PLUS reduced fat intake without the need for restrictive dieting. With my busy work life there was no way a crash diet would work. I needed something that would help me shift the pounds steadily without leaving me bereft of energy.”

Within a month of trying Proactol PLUS, Bill began to notice subtle differences in his health and weight loss. Not only were his clothes hanging looser on his frame, but his appetite was smaller, he no longer struggled to skip snacking and within days he found it less painful to walk.

“I caught a look at myself in the mirror one day and noticed I was getting thinner and my clothes were getting baggier. I started to get lots of compliments from friends and family about my weight loss and felt really proud of myself.”

And 6 months on, Bill has successfully managed to lose 2 stone and has never felt more comfortable with his shape. Backed by all his friends, family and children, Bill feels that he owes most of his thanks to his combined efforts to follow a healthier diet, partake in a practical exercise programme and most of all include Proactol PLUS in his regime.

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  1. Why This is a really inspiring story and I applaud Mr Murdoch. I have used Proactol myself and it has Definately shown me results, thanks again

  2. Good Product, I trust them

  3. Definately got me down, a few dress sizes