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Alternative To Penis Enlargement Surgery

So you are amongst the 80% of men who do feel that they could do with a few more inches on their penis. The next step obviously is to find out how you can add these inches. There seem to be two popular methods here; one is opting for a penis enlargement surgery and the other is using penis traction device like SizeGenetics.

Lets compare and see which method is more suitable and why –
• Cost – Penis enlargement surgery costs several thousand dollars. Even the most basic surgery will require a team of professional doctors and you will need to be given anesthesia as well as monitored right through the operation. The cost of the hospital, the surgery room and the doctors runs into thousands and not wrongly so.
So what about SizeGenetics? Well, the cost of the device is less than a fraction of the cost of penis enlargement surgery. SizeGenetics wins here hands down!
• Results?!?! So penis surgery is very expensive, but it must be worth its cost? No! Penis enlargement surgery is known to go wrong rather frequently. In fact more than two-thirds of patients state that they were not happy with the results. There are horrifying stories of patients passing out on seeing their deformed penis after surgery.
Penis enlargement surgery can go wrong and the results here can lead to a completely non-functional penis. Loss of blood circulation, bruising in the penis shaft and head area and even deformity are common scenarios of penis surgery going wrong. In short, penis enlargement surgery does not guarantee a larger and better penis. Many doctors and medical institutions actually warn people against them as one of research has shown that 95% after 1 year are unhappy with the result.
SizeGenetics on the other hand is a clinically proven safe device that is known to have helped thousands of men to increase their penis by several inches. No side effects, no risks, no pain. Couple months of usage and you could get 1-3 inches bigger penis.
• Risk – Penis surgery is a very high risk option of penis enlargement. The damage done during such surgery is mostly irreversible. This means that the patient is stuck with a malfunctioning and deformed penis for the rest of his life. Also, the basic risks of undergoing surgery are all present in this case.
So those allergic to anesthesia or certain medications or those who suffer from heart diseases and blood pressure, may not actually be able to get the surgery done at all.
SizeGenetics on the other hand is fully guaranteed. There have been no risks reported to date for SizeGenetics. Almost anyone can use the device by following the simple instructions. Only condition – your penis have to be around 3 inches in flaccid state or longer.
• Money back – Penis enlargement surgery costs phenomenally, but if you are not happy with the results, there is little you can do about it. No part of the surgery fee is refundable and in most cases patients are stuck with a deformed penis and a lighter pocket.
SizeGenetics is so sure of its product, that it offers a full money back guarantee up to 6 months from the date of purchase. In fact, if you send them before and after pictures – they will refund your money so actually you can get bigger penis for FREE!!!
The choice between SizeGenetics and penis enlargement surgery is a clear one. Where surgery is a risky, expensive and unguaranteed procedure, SizeGenetics is a safe, clinically-proven device that has helped several men in not only enlarging their penis but also bettering its performance.
So rather than wasting your money and risking the health of your penis on unsafe and non-effective methods of penis enlargement, simply go with SizeGenetics and enjoy a bigger, better and healthier penis in no time.
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