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How to get Buff at Home without Lifting any weights

Wouldn't You Like To Look Like This?
Okay So You are reading this because of one of the followng.

  1. You are just curious
  2. You Have no time to go to the gym(or at least thats what you are telling yourself)
  3. You don't want to spend money on the gym or the equipment
  4. You want to lose weight
  5. You are trying to impress a girl or girls(don't worry we have all been there.)
Try using pushup variants such as wide grip, close or "diamond" pushups which isolate your triceps more, burpees, and dive-bomber pushups.

Grab a chair, coffee table, whatever, and do some dips. Try holding at the bottom for an extra burn.
Lay on your left side with your right hand underneath your left armpit. Place your left hand behind your head and push your body up with your right hand to work your right tricep. Switch sides and do your left.
As noted, "diamond" pushups work the triceps quite well.

Pull ups of all varieties are amazing. Palms facing you, palms away, close grip, wide grip, switch it up.

Any normal leg exercise. Squats, lunges, wall squats, plyometric (jumping) squats, calf raises, tip-toe lunges (never let your heels touch for the set), etc.

Just remember, when you're only using body weight you make up for it by increasing the number of reps. However, it's still quite possible to achieve a great physique using nothing more for resistance than your body weight
You will also want to do some jogging because you will also have to become fit. Don't get me wrong, you will get buff but you might still remain unfit.(trust me, i know) You need to get your heart pumping.
Any other tips You have, just add them as comments.

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