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Women and Acne

Men and women are very different creatures when it comes to hormones and the entire system of psychological and physical effects deriving from it. One good example for this statement is acne. The accelerated hormonal development in boys almost always results in acne, but this is not the case for girls. Women often develop acne for the first time in their 20s or even later.

Of course, the fertility cycle and the hormonal changes it triggers throughout the body is often the cause of sporadic acne outbreaks in women, although the exact process is poorly understood at this moment. High levels of androgens are the likely cause for premenstrual acne, since it is known that androgens regulate the oil production in sebaceous glands. The more androgens around, the higher the risk of clogging pores with excess sebum.
Women have less chance of developing the kind of acne that plagues men, but they also have a harder time getting rid of it. During pregnancy, women suffering from acne must get by with topical treatments recommended by their doctor and are not allowed to use drugs. Birth control pills are a common way of treating acne, since they interfere precisely with the hormonal cycle and serve to rein in acne. However, the use of any kind of pills to treat acne should be supervised by a doctor.
One of the best methods for getting rid of acne is the ClearPores System. This amazingly effective system uses deep washes, pills and creams to cleanse your pores, kill bacteria and protect your skin against renewed attacks. It’s really the perfect choice.
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