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Weight Loss Tips: Low Fat Dairy Can Help you Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip:
Did you know that taking low fat dairy in your meals can actually help you lose weight. I was surprised myself when i heard this because i thought taking low fat dairy would just help you lessen your fat intake (because obviously it's low fat) but it can actually help you absorb less of the fat you take in from other foods!
This is how it works.....

Research showed that Calcium in the low fat dairy actually binds to some of the fat in the food you eat forming a soapy substance in your intestine. This substance is very difficult to absorb thus allowing it to simply pass through the digestive tract untouched and later excreted. This means less of the fat in the food you eat is absorbed making you have a lower fat intake. It's that simple. So increase your low fat dairy intake, reduce your fat absorption.

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