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Health Tip: How Breast Implants Can Help Increase a Womans Life Span

Did You Know? Breast Implants can save lives!!!! Its quite amazing actually. Even i wondered how this was possible. I was judging even before I got the facts. When I finally researched more on this, It all made sense. Okay Before I get into how thi is possible, i want you to take a look at these....

Right now, you are thinking one or more of three things either you are thinking
  • Wow that is sexy or
  • Can't the writer just get to the point already or
  • What the hell is with the badly coloured black things(Im not going into this, I failed art in pre-school, okay)
Now down to business. Now i know there are some people who aren't for the idea of a woman getting breast implants, I respect your view but let us not immediately judge the people who get them. They as i said earlier could save a womans life. Let me explain.
Most young women feel out of place when they see that they are, how do I put it "flat chested". they start to feel inadequate and lose confidence. Eventually this may lead to stress or depression which is not at all healthy for your bodies. In most extreme cases, some have committed suicide due to the overwhelming depression.
Studies have shown(yes I do read) that a high percentage of women who get implant become more confident and therefore less depressed.
This next reason is even more serious. Well most women after getting implants usually go for more medical checkups even after that. These checkups help prevent serious diseases like breast cancer because of obviously the frequent checkups. Lumps can be found earlier on, before the serious progression of the disease.
This readers is how breast implants can help save lives and most likely increase a womans lifespan.

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  1. Interesting article. I didn't think of this before. But it really depends on how comfortable a woman is with her breasts. Some women are satisfied with small breasts, some undertake breast augmentation surgeries to increase them. And, as you said, there are the ones who get depressed because they're not satisfied with their chest. They really need to speak to a psychologist.

  2. The women's who have flat breast, this put a psychological effect on them as they fell lose confidence which may leads to stress and depression which is not good for their health. My some friend from Canada who have small breast have done surgery of
    breast augmentation toronto to increase their breast from various clinics. Now they fell confident and look stress free.